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Some people might call May Erlewine “Michigan’s Songbird”, but her songs have traveled far beyond her home state. One of the most prolific and passionate songwriters of her generation, May’s music has touched the hearts of people all over the world. Her words have held solace for weary hearts, offered a light in the darkness and held a lot of space for the pain and joy of being alive in these times. When she starts to sing, there’s no way around it. Welcome to the moment, everyone. 

May Erlewine Trio

Multi-instrumentalist Rachael Davis is as renown for her expressive--and explosive--voice as she is for uniting the often desperate worlds of folk, blues, country, and pop. Over a decade career of solo albums and collaborations, the Michigan native has established herself as the best (barely) kept secret in folk music with a poise and confidence on stage--not to mention a song repertoire--that is more associated with veterans with decades of experience.                              

Known for his tasteful playing, tone, and deep pocket, he is equal parts Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll and Classic Blues. Styles that have all called Detroit home over the years. 

A busy studio musician, Dominic has recorded with the likes of Wanda Jackson, Tom Jones, Jeff Daniels, Rachael Davis, Beck, Brittany Howard & The Secret Sisters but is best known for his work with Jack White & The Buzzards.

Rachel & Dominic Davis

Rollicking, genre-transcending rock ‘n’ roll out of Detroit played by four guys who love the craft. With three part vocal harmonies, driving guitar and bass riffs, their songs are powerful and intense, yet easy to grasp. With the release of their new album "Killin' Time" on July 1st, the The Gasoline Gypsies are eager to show the rock community what they can do.​

The Gasoline Gypsies

This anomalous Northern Michigan band redefines the sound of the electronic genre. A progressive jam band, Biomassive blends the organic feel of real-time music with deep, intelligent beats of their ground shaking sub bass mechanics. Since its genesis in 2012, Biomassive has fused electronic and progressive rock to arrive at an unparalleled sound.


Local to the Traverse City area Avid Kain has been creating some of the funkiest music in the analog synth world. With live Vocals, Electric keyboard, Bass, Drums and Synth they will be sure to please any ear.

Avid Kain

Act Casual

What originally started as a group of close friends getting together to jam in a basement has grown and evolved into a musical force to be reckoned with. By combining various elements of the blues, funk, long instrumental jams and catchy 3-minute songs, there is something for everyone within the sound that is Act Casual. 

Lazer Lloyd is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and an international recording artist influenced by Americana, rock, blues, gospel, folk, country, southern rock, and the great guitar traditions of power and groove from Hendrix to Wes Montgomery.

Lazer Lloyd

The Change

Since the Winter of 2015, The Change has been engaging audiences at concert venues, coffee houses and music festivals all over Michigan and the midwest. The Grand Rapids-based quintets original music is a rootsy blend of Blues, Rock, Americana and Soul.                               Lyrically, the band strives to promote social issues that are near and dear to them. Their distinctive sound is showcased on their debut, “Fight or Flight”, which was debuted in the Spring of 2016. The album was greatly received by fans and critics and has been nominated for SEVERAL WYCE Jammie awards.

Crosscut Kings

​Jim Bonney & Charlie "Hipps" Witthoeft play acoustic Roots, Blues, and Americana music. Originals, classics, and redefined covers. 

Earth Radio

Earth Radio is a unique collective of musicians based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that are pushing the boundaries of neo-soul to a new level. The band formed in August 2017 when bass player Justin Avdek brought these unique West Michigan musicians together for a spontaneous recording collaboration, which took place in the cozy basement of his parents’ log cabin in Muskegon. Their artistic exploration approach to writing left members without expectation of the sound that would be created. Since the release of their self-titled album in March 2018, their music has been well received by the community, hitting the top of the charts as WYCE’s most played album. The excitement continued throughout the year and the band was awarded “Emerging Artist of The Year” and “Best Jazz Album of 2018” for the 2019 Jammie Awards. The current members of Earth Radio are Justin Avdek (bass/effects), Hannah Laine (vox, piano), Dutcher Snedeker (keyboards, synth), Madison George (drums/percussion), and Travis Swanson (guitar).

The Rupple Brothers

The Menchacas

Aspen Jacobsen

Bigfoot Buffalo

Matt Gabriel

Blue Water Ramblers


Blue Oddity

Framing together each voice, rhythm, and melody for a collage of musical harmony. Marisa-vocals, ukulele, and harmonica. Marc- Guitar, and vocals. 

"Combining honest, heartfelt lyrics and the love of a family, with psychedelic energy
and instrumentation, The Rupple Brothers craft a sonic space like no other. An amalgam of worldly musical stylings from all time periods, that is “folk” in presentation; The Rupple Brothers bring something rather unique to each song and
thusly, to each town they pass through. A night of musical and spiritual exploration is always in store when The Rupple Brothers come to town."

As a young singer and musician, Aspen Jacobsen has a natural gift for engaging her audience and capturing their hearts. Aspen's musical journey is rooted in folk, blues and pop. Her passion for creativity and self-expression has led her to multiple disciplines in the performing arts including music, theatre and dance. 

Bigfoot Buffalo is a Grand Rapids, Michigan band with refreshing tunes and live performances that are full of energy, passion, and dynamic excitement. The band fuses their musical roots of Folk, Rock, Americana, Jam, Funk, Bluegrass, Blues, and Country to form a truly unique sound.Their repertoire ranges from psychedelic rootsy journeys to country and blues inspired tunes, to reinvented covers to folk rock songs steeped in Americana . Referred to by John Sinkevics (Local Spins) as "an eclectic jam band" with "powerful songs"

Matt Gabriel is a singer/songwriter who's spent over a decade writing and performing music around the country. The quality of folk and blues you'd expect from an artist who grew up between Chicago and Detroit. A must see live show with a very approachable recorded sound. It’s music you can trust and believe in.

The Blue Water Ramblers' repertoire comes right out of our Michigan life experiences and the history of the Great Lakes region. It includes lake shanties, lumberman ballads, union rallying cries, farmers' paeans, Michigan humor, '60s civil rights and protest music, love songs, gospel music and children's ditties. Everyone agrees that these combine into a versatile repertoire to the delight and entertainment of their audiences. "I think my hero, Woody Guthrie, would approve," opined Banjo-Jim. "We're singing the people's songs about the people's lives and they can join right in and sing along."

Blue Oddity is a 5 piece enigma from Grand Rapids, MI with a live show that surfs its audience through a wave of, psychedelic rock, funk, soul, and Americana. Their original music is centered around its wavy vocals, funky guitar riffs, melodic keys, and a backbone rhythm section on the bass and drums. 

Y-Not is a collaboration of musicians that express their sound for healing, inspiration, and transformation. Starting from the writings of frontman Tony Geren, Y-Not grew around lyrics and music written to embody a message of empowerment. The music asks a simple question: Why not do the thing we are most afraid to do? Why not step up and be the most authentic version of ourselves? Why not dare to leap into the unknown? With trumpet, guitars, and an array of drums, Y-Not’s Funk, Upbeat, Jam style invites listeners on a journey of self discovery, while dancing the night away in community.


A.M. CR3W is an alternative hip hop band consisting of 5 rad individuals. Never scared to put the Fun in Funky.

Les Older and the Ganja Gang

A fun-loving jam band. Playing originals and captivating covers that please the ear, move the feet. Brought together in a cloud of healing smoke, Their goal is to see you smile and dance without a care! Spreading peace and love and life-wonders in song.

Steel and Wood

Steel & Wood Bluegrass of Northern Michigan includes John A. Neiswander-Guitar, Irene Kazmers-Fiddle, Bruce Walker-Mandolin, & John Hussey Bass/Banjo.

Mystic Dub is a collaboration of four musicians from many musical backgrounds, bringing their love of the World Beat sound from town-to-town! With original songs in the styles of Roots Rock, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, and more, The M-Dub crew has received great reviews by audiences of all ages. Mystic Dub is finishing up debut album, "Roots Trail", which is being produced by Donald Kinsey (of The Kinsey Report - he toured with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh). Below is a link to a video clip of us playing our original, "Dis Hook" with special guest Don Kinsey at 2008 Coast Guard Fest on the Waterfront Stage.                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd0RC8706wA

Railcar Graffiti

Railcar Graffiti has been putting on an energetic, engaging and entertaining good time for crowds in Michigan since 2014. Bringing their own captivating brand of folk, with influences from American old-time string bands and Celtic roots.

Luck Dragon

Folky-Punkgrass Roots & Genre Bending Mash-Ups Straight Out Of The Mystical Mitten.

 This group of multifaceted creators are here to take you on a journey through the never ending story of the human experience.  From their folky-punkgrass roots to their genre bending mash-ups this band will sooth your soul and strum on your heart strings. 

Mama Song & Boogie Child

Mama Song & the Boogie Child is a super special Mother & Son homegrown, well seasoned Acoustic Duo. We are Michigan based, original indie. rocking sound with pockets full of originality.

Jack Elliott