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2021 Lineup

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Mark Lavengood

Mark Lavengood is a walking, talking ray of sunshine. His resonant energy and sparkling smile light up every stage, every studio, every room, RV and embrace he enters. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Lavengood specializes in dobro & steel guitar, both of which he's played for over a decade, while also being well-versed in guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, drums, and  a variety of percussion instruments. In 2012, Mark was named winner of the acclaimed Rockygrass Dobro Competition hosted at Planet Bluegrass’ headquarters in Lyons, CO. Predominantly as a dobro player, Lavengood toured world-wide for 7 years with the award-winning Michigan-now-Nashville-based Americana outfit Lindsay Lou (formerly, & the Flatbellys), performing at a bucket list of venues and festivals over his time with the band. Both as a member of LLFB and as frontman of his namesake, Mark has performed at: the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, ROMP, Celtic Connections, Blissfest, Wheatland Music Festival, Founders Brewing Company's signature events; Black Party, Harvest Party & Founders Fest, Cowpie Music Festival, John Hartford Memorial Festival, Farmfest, Earthwork Harvest Gathering, International Folk Alliance, IBMA,  and many, many more. He’s also shared the stage performing with or sitting in with the likes of Seth Bernard, Amy Helm, the Infamous Stringdusters, Greensky Bluegrass, Billy Strings, Johnny Irion, Gregory Stovetop, Trout Steak Revival, winter/sessions, amongst others. At each stop along the way, whether on tour, in the studio, or passing you on the street, Mark's positivity and genuine warmth is an immediate captivator. His selfless and gregarious nature has allowed him to collaborate, write and record with some hall-of-fame worthy talents. Cutting his teeth in the art and music meccas of Ann Arbor & Nashville, Lavengood has recently returned home to his native Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a new, adorable family and a headful of ambition in tow. Since returning to GR, a burgeoning art and music scene in its own right, Lavengood has 'narrowed' his focus to his main, namesake project, as well as teaching and developing education platforms, mentoring, writing, recording, growing a music business (Bear Mark Productions) and of course, performing. A natural showman, Mark has released three full-length, critically-acclaimed records, the most recent with the Michigan-based Earthwork Music Collective.

Libby DeCamp

Out from the quiet orchards of rural Michigan with a nomadic itch, Libby DeCamp has spent an adolescence in close companionship with bodies of music and literature of conscious yesteryear, among hinterlands of horses and history. Driven by a will to connect on a raw, human level, Libby makes lyrically-edged folk and roots-steeped music with a bewitching sense of urgency, and delivers with a honeyed vocal closeness that reaches listeners of all kinds.  The soundscape is captivating- dark, visceral, and laced with western, blues, ragtime, and early rock and roll muses.    Born from fervent ties to  both  "The Old , Weird America"  and perhaps the "New, Weird America" and the collective voices that have sung their truths through the ages, DeCamp’s writing carries an unflinching intention to reflect the times and sing the humanity within them. 

Libby DeCamp's Website

Black Jake & the Carnies

Southeast Michigan’s Black Jake & The Carnies “cut rugs like pure bottled lightning” blending “spindly bluegrass and honky-tonk croons to some psychobilly-bent for punk-spat pirouetting,” according to writer Jeff Milo of iSpy Magazine.

Think of a carnival, or indeed a carny, and it’s very likely that images of bearded ladies, mustachioed strongmen, trapeze artists, wolf boys, monkey mermaids and the like will come flooding into your mind. Add a healthy dash of punk energy and old-timey music, and you have Ypsilanti, MI based Black Jake & the Carnies.
Dubbed "The Original Kings of Crabgrass," the band plays a unique style of original bluegrass sprinkled with a little spaghetti western, punk, and Vaudeville that people love to dance and get wild to.  Add in the band's essential crowd interaction activities and various hilarious carnival gimmicks and you have a surefire recipe for fun!  Because of this, the group has been accused of being a "party band" because people can't help joining in the fun and dancing to the high energy show.
The Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti-based band has hours of original music to play.

Black Jake & the Carnies' Website

Stevie Reidz & Co

4 hard working blue collar guys from West Michigan playing Rock N Roll! Watching them live electrify the stage you can feel goosebumps in your body. With a hardworking ethic behind their music it shows in the finished product. Much like a ZZ Top vibe the quad roots in a blues/rock genre with their own twist, almost a new breed of Rock N Roll.

THT Dunesville Promo 2.jpg
The Hacky Turtles



Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Chirp is a four-piece band that does their fair share of genre-hopping. Often playing in the styles of progressive rock/funk and jazz-fusion, their sound maintains a melodic center. The group features a wide array of originals and covers in their live sets and puts together dynamic, high-energy shows. Though their music ties in many technical elements, an equal emphasis is put on grooving and keeping people moving. Chirp takes influence from Snarky Puppy, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Yes, Daft Punk, Vulfpeck, and The Beatles to name a few. Chirp has been hard at work since their formation in 2015, touring and recording consistently since the project began. Their fresh sound has taken them touring across the Midwest to play a large variety of venues and festivals. Chirp released their self-titled debut studio album in March 2019 as well as three live-recorded EPs: "Live from Brownstown" (in-studio, 2016), "Live at Willis Sound" (in-studio, 2017), and “Live at Ann Arbor Summer Festival” (2018). All of which have been met with great reception and have helped along with live performances to build an extremely enthusiastic fan base.

Chirp's Website


Pause. It’s the mind-set. To aim, inspire, and affect our fans through the power of connection and, of course, music. The group started in 2016 after years of both artists playing in various groups across a wide range of styles. They have quickly established themselves as a creative powerhouse in the midwest electronic music scene, making their live show a favorite of artists like Bro Safari, EOTO, Ookay, Gent & Jawns, Exmag and more.
Their music is inspired stylistically by the sounds and various subgenres of moombahton, hip hop, and drum n bass - taking rhythms and textures from each, and melding it into a fresh engaging experience. Every show infuses live drumset, percussion, synth, and sampling to push the boundaries of what a live electronic performance can be.  
Our names are Nick and Roman, and it’s time you Pause. with us.

Pause's Facebook

Act Casual

What originally started as a group of close friends getting together to jam in a basement has grown and evolved into a musical force to be reckoned with. By combining various elements of the blues, funk, long instrumental jams and catchy 3-minute songs, there is something for everyone within the sound that is Act Casual. 

Once Upon A Bison

From the powerful, hard rock hooks of “When You're Broken,” to the atmospheric explosion of “Yellow Dump Truck,” Once Upon A Bison's original songs seamlessly blend disparate genres to create a live experience unlike any other.
Interspersed amongst their original tunes, Once Upon A Bison treats audiences to unforgettable renditions of popular crowd favorites from such artists as Johnny Cash, The Kinks, Harvey Danger, The Commodores, The Black Keys and Green Day, to name a few.

Feeding Grizzlies

Feeding Grizzlies is a fuzzy riff-driven alternative rock band from Grand Rapids, Mi. Influenced by the White Stripes and the Black Keys, they play a raw and stripped down rock and roll that has become scarce in modern music. Performing original tunes, Feeding Grizzlies strives to pull from several different genres to provide each track with a unique sound.

Originally from the very northern tip of the Mitten, Elizabeth Landry, previously known as E Minor is now based in Traverse City Michigan. Elizabeth was born into a family heavily influenced by music and arts. 
At 19 Elizabeth traveled across the country to Oregon where she earned part of her living as a street performer while traveling along the coast of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Eventually ending up back home to reside in Leelanau County, basing her music out of Traverse City MI. In 2011 Elizabeth and some friends formed a band called The Naughty Neighbors (2011-2013). The band had a fast and short lived success. Playing sold out concerts,festivals and opening for well known bands including Rusted Root. At the beginning of 2013 Elizabeth and her band mates decided to work on separate projects. From there Elizabeth began to write her first self titled album. Caul bluhm who played bass in The Naughty Neighbors, joined Elizabeth touring as a duo playing original music going by her stage name E Minor. A nickname given to her by her bass player. By the summer of 2013 Elizabeth released her debut album by her stage name titled Dust Out Of Sand. Nominated for 3 Jammie awards in Michigan (2014). In 2014 Elizabeth joined band, Girls With Guitars. An all star female group featuring Savannah Buist & Katie Larson (The Accidentals), Mirriam Pico, Melissa Lee, and Blake Elliott. The band toured various states singing and collaborating on each others original music. After a short tour and many heartfelt performances the ladies found they were to busy with their own projects to sustain the group. Although they no longer tour as “Girls With Guitars” its is not hard to find them collaborating on each others stages and albums. Although Elizabeth is well known in many parts of the Mitten, her music is well traveled. Touring nationally and playing many well known theaters, breweries, festivals and venues. Elizabeth can be seen playing with her trio including Caul bluhm and well known steel guitarist Joe Wilson (Joe Wilson Trio,Steppin in It). With a 2018 album release under her full name Elizabeth Landry. Produced by bandmate Joe Wilson and recorded at The Holy Wah Studio in Maple City, MI. Whether she is playing solo or with the band, many are sure to get lost in Elizabeth’s sweet, smoky melodies, and storytelling lyrics.

Elizabeth Landry Trio
Rob Massard Music.png

Rob Massard is a highly recognized singer/songwriter from the Detroit, Mi area. His signature sound of progressive folk and creative blends of unique musical styling's define him as a true artist, taking his listeners on a deeply moving and unforgettable journey of faith, hope, and inspiration. Through heartfelt lyrics and charismatic melodies, his music provides a rare genuine sincerity that brings life and fruition to the furthest corners of the human soul. You won't want to miss an opportunity to see Rob Massard perform live, and be sure to check out his original music on Google play, iTunes, and all other online media distribution outlets!

Sabbatical Bob Logo.JPG

Sabbatical Bob is a hard-hitting, high-energy, Funk outfit from southern Michigan that authentically blends traditional funk with elements of Jazz and Rock designed to provide a highly danceable and entertaining performance experience. Their sound is shaped by artists such as James Brown, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, and Lettuce.

Dunes - Love Street Live.jpg
Nimble Pinto Dunesville Promo 2.jpg

Country/Americana Musician from Grand Rapids, MI. His soulful and emotive vocals will draw you in, the ebbing familiarity of the sound will keep you there, and the messages and lyrics will echo in your mind to leave you pensive long after.

Hutch Green
Trifocal Promo Photo.jpg

Formed in 2016 in Kalamazoo, MI, Trifocal is a piping-hot psychedelic funk rock trio that fuses elements of multiple genres to create a musical experience full of twists and turns. Throughout the many changes of feel and energy, their music maintains a strong sense of groove that is impossible to ignore. The trio has been spreading their message and their energy all over the Midwest through appearances at many venues and festivals. They released their debut album titled, "Seven Seas of Sound", in April 2019 and are continuing to write and record music in preparation to record another album.

Eric Nassau

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Eric Nassau has been a troubadour for over two decades, performing across the United States, Canada, and even into Kenya. A recent recipient of a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council, Nassau is gearing up to put out a new record for the first time since the epic 2009 release What's Left of Empty Space. Nassau's newest collection of songs embody the lessons he's learned on the road, reminding listeners that everyone has a story to tell and that experience is everything. His live performances engage audiences with playful charm and thoughtful lyrics. During his solo recording hiatus Nassau has been busier than ever, playing electric bass with 4 different bands, having released 7 albums, with three more on the way in 2021. He actively teaches guitar with students from the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus and hosts the annual Townes Van Zandt tribute which benefits Columbus' NPR radio station. Nassau also writes kids songs and performs for children under the moniker Mister E.

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Stormy Chromer

Stormy Chromer first landed on the live music scene in 2014 and has been touring and amassing fans across the country ever since. The band’s four members – guitarists Spencer Hanson and Brendan Collins, bassist Ryan King, and drummer Amin Lanseur – work together to create a new brand of improvisational rock.

Combined with an explosive live show, Stormy Chromer delivers a one-two punch of riveting performance and powerful songwriting that captivates audiences and keeps them chasing more.


Selecta Nesta..aka Aaron Hoxie is a Michigan native, artist, percussionist and dj. Highlighting reggae and new gospel, he has been a staple in the Michigan festival scene for many years performing and volunteering.
This year he will be bringing a selection of morning dubs and conscious music to start the day Sunday morning...Church as we say


Blue Water

The Blue Water Ramblers' repertoire comes right out of our Michigan life experiences and the history of the Great Lakes region. It includes lake shanties, lumberman ballads, union rallying cries, farmers' paeans, Michigan humor, '60s civil rights and protest music, love songs, gospel music and children's ditties. Everyone agrees that these combine into a versatile repertoire to the delight and entertainment of their audiences. "I think my hero, Woody Guthrie, would approve," opined Banjo-Jim. "We're singing the people's songs about the people's lives and they can join right in and sing along."


Visionary artist Tetra creates original electronic music with organic elements, live electric guitar and ethereal vocals to take each listener on a journey. Weaving melodies and percussive textures dance along a lively beat, lighting up the brain with creativity and inspiration. A careful blend of ambient, groove, psychedelia, and deep house describe the vibrant sounds of Tetra Music Project.

Tetra Music Project
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Lighting Matches

Lighting Matches is an alternative-rock band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Made up of musicians with a variety of musical backgrounds, Lighting Matches stays true to their roots while also setting fire to the lines and limitations of genre labels. Fronted by dynamic duo (and real-life couple) Matt Plessner and Rachel White, and backed by the talented Adam Parada and Kevin Packard, their debut album "Against The Flame" displays lots of what they are best known for: thought-provoking lyrics and tight harmonies.
We hope you will check out the album and catch a show near you. Hold your lighters in the air, and be a part of the fire. (But not as an arsonist or anything - they only set figurative fires.)

Just Folkin Witcha blends the lyrical and vocal talent of Nashville born vocalist, Renee Belden with Michigan native, Gary Carson's rhythm and blues guitar style to bring you a modern upbeat folk experience. This dynamic duo backed by a band of talented seasoned musicians formed in 2020 and is now working on their first single release.

Just Folkin' Witcha

The group hails from Bay City, Michigan with several years mixing the pot to find that sweet recipe. Their extensive backgrounds as music educators, musicians, and performers, have truly transformed their sound into one that grooves and envelopes their audiences in sweet soul and impressive harmonies. With each member bringing their unique expertise and style into the mix, what emerges, Through the Dust Storm, is something pretty special. We can't wait for you to hear what we have created! Thanks for listening!

Second Hand Mojo

Second Hand Mojo is straight up Midwest Classic Rock, today. Based out of Canton/Detroit, the band is known for their energetic show, packed full of rockin’ original tunes, filled with smooth melodic harmonies, that get the whole crowd a movin’. Second Hand Mojo’s single “Open Up Your Mind” spent weeks in the Top 200 College Radio Charts in 2020. The band will roll into Harmony Pines fresh off of winning the Marion County Fairgrounds Battle of the Bands in Lebanon, KY earlier this Summer. Second Hand Mojo was 1 of 8 bands chosen from 100s of submissions from throughout the Midwest to perform at the competition, and they brought the top prize home to Michigan. Get ready for a rock ‘n’ roll party with Second Hand Mojo!

Lee N. Sage

Michigan-born native Lee N. Sage is a singer-songwriter that began writing in late 2016. Lee released his debut self-titled EP, the "Lee N. Sage EP" independently in early 2017 and began performing in the months that followed. By summer 2018, Lee was writing his follow-up EP and playing the Michigan festival circuit with occasional out-of-state shows throughout the Midwest. In June of 2019, Lee debuted his four-song follow-up, simply titled “EP 2”, while booking shows in support of the release. Currently, Lee is writing his 3rd EP and playing as often as he can.

twc full band 3.jpg
The Whiskey Chamers

The Whiskey Charmers is a Detroit-based band led by Carrie Shepard and Lawrence Daversa. Fans have often compared their sound to riding through the desert with the top down, or the feeling of being in some lonesome smoky bar off the side of an abandoned highway, or music from a Spaghetti Western. William P Davis (Former Deputy Director of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville) says of the band, “I’ve heard a lot of good musicians. The Whiskey Charmers remind me of no one – and, to me, that is one of the best compliments an act can receive

The Whiskey Charmer's Facebook

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The Menchacas

Homegrown and harvested in Traverse City, The Menchacas started as a brother sister duet. Over time they evolved into a harmony of musicians, framing together each voice, rhythm and melody to create a collage of musical harmony.

Mama Song & the Boogie Child

Mama Song & the Boogie Child is a super special Mother & Son homegrown, well seasoned Acoustic Duo. We are Michigan based, original indie. rocking sound with pockets full of originality.

Mama Song & the Boogie Child's Facebook

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Odd Shaped Puzzle

Odd Shaped Puzzle formed this year as a result of an album of the same name (dropping soon!), written and composed by veteran musician Aaron Johnson (formerly of Sprout). Aaron is now joined by Justin Mangutz and Erik Friday to bring you genre-bending rock-funk-bluesy jams! Learn more about the band and album at!

Speedball Tucker

Northern Michigan's only homegrown acrobatic music/variety show.

Speedball Tucker's Facebook


Previously Elaine Cole, Rachel Cole has recently rebranded and now is based in Nashville, TN. She is an independent Americana artist. 

Rachel's LinkTree

Rachel Cole
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