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2022 Lineup

Trifocal (1).jpg


Kalamazoo, MI

Trifocal is a piping-hot psychedelic funk rock trio, that fuses elements of multiple genres to create a musical experience filled with twists and turns. Throughout the many changes of feel and energy, their music maintains a sense of groove that is impossible to ignore.


The Yesterdays 

Kalamazoo, MI

Rock and a little Americana with a tonal twist. The Yesterdays take the genres in new directions. The group features meaningful songwriting backed by a reminiscent blend of acoustic and electric guitars as well as creative takes on piano and organ. Most importantly, merchandise sales benefit Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes and Wounded Warrior Project.



Grand Rapids, MI

Music Designed To Uplift, Inspire, and Empower

Rupple Bros.jpg

The Rupple Brothers

Chesaningo, MI

The Rupple Brothers are a psychedelic folk ensemble who combine a love for music, life, and improvisation to create a musical space unlike any other. Born unto song, brothers Evan and Cole, and their adopted soul brothers, traverse the entire spectrum of sound and space; each being proficient in multiple ways of musical strangeness, while bringing a positive and powerful family message with their brand of wild folk. 

Stormy Chromer.jpg

Stormy Chromer first landed on the live music scene in 2014 and has been touring and amassing fans across the country ever since. The band’s four members – guitarists Spencer Hanson and Brendan Collins, bassist Ryan King, and drummer Amin Lanseur – work together to create a new brand of improvisational rock. The band’s real-time compositional style has earned them a steady following of devoted fans in the midwest, as well as a reputation within the greater jam scene. The quartet followed up their debut “Peace of Pizza EP" with 2016's full-length album, “A Tale of Two Mouths,” and 2018's "Solid Sessions EP." Combined with an explosive live show, Stormy Chromer delivers a one-two punch of riveting performance and powerful songwriting that captivates audiences and keeps them chasing more.

Stormy Chromer

Ann Arbor, MI

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